Let kids be kids!

A splash from a puddle walking in the woods or of tomato sauce pasta made by Nonna – Bella Macchia is that splash that lets kids be kids!

Bella Macchia is about kids beign free to have fun, explore and not worry about getting their clothes a little dirty!

Bella Macchia means high quality materials and enjoying life to the full!

Bella Macchia means high quality pieces madde with certified sustainable fabrics, that are meant to be enjoyed, passed on, and remain beautiful and fun through the years.

Our mission: let kids be free to express themselves

Childhood is a time when we grow in every sense of the word!

Bella Macchia is about this journey towards self expression, playfulness and connection with nature.

We belive that children should be free to express their unique personalities without being afraid to make mistakes or get their clothes dirty!

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